San Francisco OKs police access to private security cameras without warrants. SF cops say all your cameras are belong to us. (thehill.com)

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now we’re waiting for the day the cops won’t even show at your house when you call them unless you “support” them with surveillance video/data

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No joke: how far away are we from this:

Ralph Donglemeyer puts back 4 beers –four 16 oz Dickalick IPAs that tip the scales at 7.4% alcohol– in a bar in Hayes Valley. That bar has cameras that provide video to cops. He is IDed there by facial recognition and his ID is confirmed when he pays for drinks using credit card. Ralph leaves the bar and gets into his car to drive home –as seen on multiple Ring Doorbell video feeds monitored by cops. Ralph drives home to Inner Sunset. His license plate is recorded at several points along the way by more cams. His face is recorded on a couple of cams when he rolls down his window to catcall attractive women. When he pulls up in front of his house 20 minutes after leaving he is recorded exiting his vehicle’s driver seat. A few days later Ralph is apprehended on a warrant and is charged with DUI for events described above. The cops arrest him at work. His defense lawyer receives video compiled from 16 different cams that detail everything.

Is this where we are headed? What about when the detection of crime via cameras becomes highly automated? What then?

I’m no fan of DUI or their crimes but I worry about what happens when we are under constant cop surveillance. I worry that too many people think this would be a good idea.

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