How to view the data outside of NVOTE? (self.nostr)

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Nvote runs on Nostr and has a relay

So how do we access user profiles and message data outside of nvote?

I tried pasting the UUID from my profile (dc0316fd872b769b8a2ed3560e9804a050681df0a300e115e98741d497d562ef) into other nostr clients (after addign the relay) but, no cigar

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Actually - pasting the profile id works fine, I just needed to wait a while for it to appear (replication I guess)


When loading the profile into other clients, all the messages appear as JSON

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Keep in mind nostr relays can choose to cache content or purge it at any time. You can set up your own relay and replicate the content if you want to make sure the data is retained.

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