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A lot of cool stuff has been built on top of LN and the ecosystem continues to grow every day.

Sorry to hear you had difficulties getting started, but consider it time well invested into understanding a little bit more about an amazing technology that’s enabling all sorts of new web applications that were not possible before.

Lightning network is a lot more user-friendly than the early days, and I’m confident it will continue to become more so as development in the ecosystem continues.

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It should not be mandatory. It is effortless to put a real BTC address there in the link. Receive button, Copy, Paste… Why not? Nothing to lose! Charge me 100x to use that instead as advertising to learn all about how amazing and cheap lightning is then I am not forced to use it. I went from neutral to resentment because I was forced to use it. It should be voluntary. If it is so awesome then I will rush to it on my own right? Look at how many people are here posting. A Reddit bot is the top user. What the heck is going on here?

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